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#410: Parenting Tips and Confronting Bullies


Good evening! Tonight, I ramble about:

  • How I recently screwed up as a Dad. It’s hard. Even when you have an easy baby like I do.
  • Black Mirror’s, “Nosedive,” and how that show actually gave me a little hope for a change!
  • Ask for what you really want in a dating profile; it worked for me
  • Thoughts on a man confronting his bully…35 years later.
  • The right way and wrong way to deal with life’s problems

And oh so much more. Thanks for listening!

The Worst Ex-Girlfriends

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The 9 Worst Girlfriends Ever
  • Women getting cat calls are finally fighting back
  • A call from a listener whose ex is…well…nuts
  • Arnold has a book coming out. He should just marry a European chick who will be okay with him having a little acting on the side.
  • My thought on this lady
  • Why hot chicks might be bitches and unattractive ones might be nice
  • And more!