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#410: Parenting Tips and Confronting Bullies


Good evening! Tonight, I ramble about:

  • How I recently screwed up as a Dad. It’s hard. Even when you have an easy baby like I do.
  • Black Mirror’s, “Nosedive,” and how that show actually gave me a little hope for a change!
  • Ask for what you really want in a dating profile; it worked for me
  • Thoughts on a man confronting his bully…35 years later.
  • The right way and wrong way to deal with life’s problems

And oh so much more. Thanks for listening!

#395: Gratitude


Hello! Thanksgiving is upon upon us and so is the birth of my son (13 days and counting). Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • How to handle the dysfunctional moon bat in your Thanksgiving family dinner (if you can’t spot it, it’s you)
  • Tips for Dads from the excellent, “Dudes to Dads,” podcast
  • Update on Chloe and her fight against cancer
  • What to do if you realize that you are a rebound for someone
  • Advice on using active gratitude to better you life


#381: How to Deal with Loss









Hello folks! Sadly, my cat Ketone died this week, and I dedicate tonight’s show to her, as well as all of you. Dealing with loss and pain is an unavoidable part of life, and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. Enjoy!


Having the Last Laugh


Hello! In my final show before, “you know what,” I crack wise about:

  • Fitness update
  • Laughing being one of the better tools in the toolbox of life
  • Having empathy for Ariana Grande
  • Toxic people avoidance
  • And more!


PETA SUCKS with Steve Duno

Welcome back everyone! And welcome back Steve Duno to the show. He doesn’t feel quite the  same as I do about PETA, but that’s okay. Tonight, we discuss:

  • PETA. Did I mention that they are a bunch of insane lunatics?
  • Insights into certain animal behavior, such as why my cat is trying to kill me
  • How dogs and human have so much in common
  • How male cats have barbed cocks…seriously
  • How to get two cats to get along
  • I love the ASPCA and I hate PETA
  • And much more!

Animal Psych 101 with Steve Duno

Tonight, author and animal psychologist Steve Duno joins me and we shoot the breeze about:

  • Well, first, we have some audio issues…so bear with us…
  • The wonder and beauty of having pets
  • Pets are just that, just pets…but not human beings
  • The story of “Lou”, who was the subject of his book
  • And a whole lot more!


Friend Zone Nonsense, Angry Emails and Astrology is Bulls–t

Rockin’ Show tonight with the SNG riding solo. Tonight, I discuss:

  • An Email from a dude who did the right thing when a girl tried to put him in the “friend zone”
  • The little yap dogs that many women carry around, well…
  • Astrology does not make the female gender look good
  • I don’t have to respect the beliefs of people who think the Earth was literally formed in 6 days.
  • And more…oh so much more…

The Entrepreneurial Journey with Jo Lapidge

The Sensitive Nice Cat Takes a Dump

Great show tonight folks! Tonight, from all the way from Australia (for the first time, the sun truly never sets on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show!) I am joined by Jo Lapidge, the inventor of the “Litter Kwitter” product, now available all over the world! That’s right…you know how my cat has been taking a dump in the toilet?

This is the lady who made it happen. She’s awesome, and she has a lot of wonderful insights to give!

Some highlights:

  • The Litter Kwitter, and how you too can train your cat to use the can
  • The nature of cats and how they really aren’t evil minions of Satan (not sure I agree, but oh well)
  • Cats communicate through pooping. Seriously. What wonderful creatures, they are.
  • Starting a business and keeping it going
  • Marketing, pricing, and the challenges of an entrepreneur.
  • Dating advice for pet owners
  • How the best dating advice I ever got was from my cat…just hear me out.
  • And more!


Jealous Morons with Megan

My sweet sweet burning love Megan joins me once again as we discuss cats, tolerance & acceptance, and how controlling jealous assholes are ruining it for all of us.