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Having the Last Laugh


Hello! In my final show before, “you know what,” I crack wise about:

  • Fitness update
  • Laughing being one of the better tools in the toolbox of life
  • Having empathy for Ariana Grande
  • Toxic people avoidance
  • And more!


PETA SUCKS with Steve Duno

Welcome back everyone! And welcome back Steve Duno to the show. He doesn’t feel quite the  same as I do about PETA, but that’s okay. Tonight, we discuss:

  • PETA. Did I mention that they are a bunch of insane lunatics?
  • Insights into certain animal behavior, such as why my cat is trying to kill me
  • How dogs and human have so much in common
  • How male cats have barbed cocks…seriously
  • How to get two cats to get along
  • I love the ASPCA and I hate PETA
  • And much more!

Animal Psych 101 with Steve Duno

Tonight, author and animal psychologist Steve Duno joins me and we shoot the breeze about:

  • Well, first, we have some audio issues…so bear with us…
  • The wonder and beauty of having pets
  • Pets are just that, just pets…but not human beings
  • The story of “Lou”, who was the subject of his book
  • And a whole lot more!


Friend Zone Nonsense, Angry Emails and Astrology is Bulls–t

Rockin’ Show tonight with the SNG riding solo. Tonight, I discuss:

  • An Email from a dude who did the right thing when a girl tried to put him in the “friend zone”
  • The little yap dogs that many women carry around, well…
  • Astrology does not make the female gender look good
  • I don’t have to respect the beliefs of people who think the Earth was literally formed in 6 days.
  • And more…oh so much more…

The Entrepreneurial Journey with Jo Lapidge

The Sensitive Nice Cat Takes a Dump

Great show tonight folks! Tonight, from all the way from Australia (for the first time, the sun truly never sets on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show!) I am joined by Jo Lapidge, the inventor of the “Litter Kwitter” product, now available all over the world! That’s right…you know how my cat has been taking a dump in the toilet?

This is the lady who made it happen. She’s awesome, and she has a lot of wonderful insights to give!

Some highlights:

  • The Litter Kwitter, and how you too can train your cat to use the can
  • The nature of cats and how they really aren’t evil minions of Satan (not sure I agree, but oh well)
  • Cats communicate through pooping. Seriously. What wonderful creatures, they are.
  • Starting a business and keeping it going
  • Marketing, pricing, and the challenges of an entrepreneur.
  • Dating advice for pet owners
  • How the best dating advice I ever got was from my cat…just hear me out.
  • And more!