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Can Women Abuse Men?

Happy Thursday! Tonight, Sue and I shoot the breeze about neglecting your spouse in a relationship, dealing with jealousy, and a woman who thinks that she has been abusing her husband. Enjoy!

A Woman Scared of Commitment…SHOCKING

Tonight, Sue and I deal with a girl who’s gun shy in getting back into a relationship, whether Polyamory can work, and the top three traits to look for in a romantic partner. Enjoy!

Sex on the First Date?

We’re back! I’m zonked from flying for almost 24 hours, but tonight, we deal with the above-often-inquired-about question, plus the question of booze being truth serum, knowing when to break up with someone, and more. Enjoy!

Is he Cheating…and other silly questions

Tonight, Sue and I wax over so much poetic about guy codes, more boyfriends, is he cheating (yawn) and yeah, I do a little performance art regarding, “The Notebook.” Enjoy!

Dancing with the Stars….Orgy?

Tonight, Sue and I shoot the breeze about Orgies at, “Dancing With the Stars,” those Carl Jr. Ads, a guy who set his ex-wife’s house on fire, and a woman wondering if it’s weird that her man is hanging out with his ex. Enjoy!

Is His Wife Cheating on Him?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about a guy who is convinced his wife is cheating on him, a woman whose husband wants her to get a breast reduction, and why I am no longer on the Radio I/O Network. Enjoy!

Reggie Matthews on Marriage, Divorce, and Sex

Tonight, Sue and I are joined by comedian Reggie Matthews and we discuss the finer points of marriage, divorce, and the finer things in life…like banging. Enjoy!

How to Be Happy

Tonight, I blow hard on a listener question of why people chose to be unhappy, my recent move into a new house, and the Oscars. Special shout-out to John Legend (CP’s unite!). Enjoy!

No One is Out of Your League!

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about a guy whose girl cheated on him with a bitter enemy (can you guess my advice?), how no one (sort of) is out of your league, and a crazy broad who is marrying her father. Enjoy!

Relationships 2.0 with Dr. Antonio Borello, Part 2

Tonight, Sue and I welcome Dr. Antonio Borello, a psychologist who co-authored, “Relationships 2.0: Finding Love in the Age of Social Media.” Here’s the kicker; his co-author is his ex-wife! It’s a great interview and not to be missed. Enjoy!


Women Like Bad Boys?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about girls who can’t stop falling in love with Bad boys (you too, Angelica Huston), and would we take relationship advice from a divorced person? Enjoy!

He Checks Out Other Girls…in Front of Me

Tonight, Sue and I tackle 2 emails centered around the same theme; YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU. One is a girl whose boyfriend not only is checking out other girls in front of her, but seems to think that, “Guys who don’t tell you what they really think are lying to you.” Okidoke. Enjoy!

Men, KNOCK IT OFF with the Hot Teacher Fantasies

Tonight, I talk about George Clooney’s wedding, the stupidity of Passages Malibu, and how men need to change their attitude regarding fantasizing about having sex with their teachers. I get a little heated in this one, folks, not safe for work.

Are You Dating a Sociopath?

Tonight, Sue and I discuss comedienne Iliza Shlesinger’s true story of how she dated a dude who ended up being a sociopath (plot twist…Sue and I think we know the dude).

Are you dating one yourself? Perhaps you might recognize the signs. Enjoy!