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2013 11 19 0107 Courtesy

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • people who spoil tv shows on social media without any kind of remorse
  • my recent sin city trip to re-release a friend into the wild
  • an email from a guy complaining about women emotionally blackmailing him
  • in-shape women getting yelled at by fat chicks
  • and more!

Female Logic, Feminist Hypocrisy and Gym Advice

women logic comp 03 Female Logic, Feminist Hypocrisy and Gym Advice

Tonight, Sue and I talk about the following:

  • Thanksgiving, and how you don’t have to eat yourself to death
  • Why women never want us to listen to their problems
  • The hypocrisy of feminists over hating us complaining about the “friend zone”
  • A newly-divorced male calls in to talk about, well, divorce
  • How Hollywood is officially remaking, “RoadHouse”
  • And more!

Are there any REAL MEN LEFT???

And you say you want a real man zps5f7a467e Are there any REAL MEN LEFT???

Well, yes. Neil is one of them. You may remember him from this show a little while back, and he returns to give us an update and shoot the breeze about:

  • Tom Cruise and how Katie Holmes might have divorced him because of his religion
  • A man who got stabbed in the eye by his girlfriend when he refused sex
  • An email from a lady who had a guy text her (instead of calling her) and actually said he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her
  • My wife jumps in towards the end to set the record straight about when I called her for the first time
  • And more!

Fall Movies and Men’s Rights with Steve Silver

187d604db7709eef919526c77cd0d6db Fall Movies and Mens Rights with Steve Silver

Steve Silver calls in and we shoot the breeze about:

  • My recent trip to San Francisco and being in the same “Room” as THIS guy
  • The current Men’s Rights movement in America
  • The fall slate of movies to see, including, “Gravity,” “All is Lost”, “Blue is the Warmest Color,” and more.
  • And, uh…more!

He’s Not Over his Ex(s)

I Cant Get Over My Ex Hes Not Over his Ex(s)

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following like a pack of wild hyenas…

  • Can you meet the right person online? (YES)
  • How loving someone gives them the power to crush you (UH-HUH)
  • A call from a fella not quite over his ex(‘s)
  • The cougar director of “50 Shades of Grey” and her kitten husband and possible leading man (YUCK)
  • Breasts (my favorite topic of all time
  • The use of the word, “Chicks”
  • and more!

My Wedding, Honeymoon, and defense (sort of) of Walter White

sexy bride 590vl032311 My Wedding, Honeymoon, and defense (sort of) of Walter White

Tonight, Sue and I return to discuss:

  • My wedding, and the wonderful news that it was boring (i.e. no one died)
  • My honeymoon, and how I spent a ton of moolah.
  • How “Back to the Future” teaches us that women really want a nice guy…and incest
  • Why I have a slightly different take on the great, “Breaking Bad”
  • And more!

Is He Playing Games?

icon article is he playing games Is He Playing Games?

Probably. No matter. Anyway, tonight, during the opening of what will most likely (not) be a great (but rebuilding) season for my beloved Philadelphia Eagles, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • Advice for my lovelorn single friends
  • Normal wedding jitters
  • Crazy Arizona Christians going to England
  • How 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight are just wonderful pieces of literature and great examples for women to follow
  • Whether a guy is playing games with his girl or not
  • And more!

Don’t Be Friends with your Ex

F8979F8311A765159CF4314DFAC27 h296 w526 m2 bblack q99 p99 cGHKWDtzB Dont Be Friends with your Ex

Tonight, the final one before I go off on my epic final man journey (BACHELOR PARTY) Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • A listener who is still friends with her ex on facebook…and shouldn’t be
  • My recent San Diego and Sin City Trip
  • The idea of delayed adolescence, and why it might not be a bad thing
  • The difference between dating a boy and a man
  • The hook-up culture of college
  • and more!

We’ll be on re-runs next week (duh) so enjoy!

Robin Thicke, Emails, and Romance….?

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Ft TI Pharrell 300x177 Robin Thicke, Emails, and Romance....?

Tonight, on the eve of my epic journey to San Diego and Las Vegas, Sue and I discuss:

  • My upcoming trip, and the drama that I’m probably going to run into
  • A reading from a blog I “found” on the internet from a guy who works in the William Morris Endeavor mail room
  • Robin Thicke..still on the fence
  • An email from a girl who is considering the “back door”
  • An email from a guy who is dating a girl who told him about another guy she was banging
  • And more!

Sex and Sexuality with Jenna Couture!

Jenna Couture Sex and Sexuality with Jenna Couture!

Tonight, Sue and I were honored to have the lovely and talented Jenna Couture on the air! Together, we discuss:

  • What “Jenna Time” is all about
  • Why men are so insecure about the size of their penises
  • Sex in long term relationships
  • Why asking for your partner’s “number” is a horrible idea
  • How to properly break up with someone
  • and more!
Do check out Jenna on twitter as well!


Don’t Buy Girls Drinks!

girls night out bar 600 Dont Buy Girls Drinks!

Tonight, Sue and I tackle:

  • An email from a girl who witnessed a “nice guy” buy a bunch of drinks for girls…
  • A look at a “ManBible of Female Truths”
  • What men, and women, really want
  • The retarded left-wing moonbats at Rolling Stone Magazine
  • My thoughts on THAT case…you know…in Florida
  • and more!

Jodi Arias, Gay Guys in the Steam Room, and Rude People


Jodi Arias My space  1  jpg Jodi Arias, Gay Guys in the Steam Room, and Rude People
Hot, Sexy, Evil, Crazy

Tonight, Sue and I discuss the following

  • DOMA being shot down, and arguements for, and against
  • Lady Gaga might be hiding something
  • Gay Guys prancing around my gym
  • Debating Pro-Life lunatics on Twitter
  • Rude People sucking the life out of society
  • and more!

We’re on re-runs next week, be back live (sort of) July 22!

Rude People, Bible Thumpers, and Tony Soprano

1260931 f260 Rude People, Bible Thumpers, and Tony Soprano

Tonight, we talk about the following wicked topics:

  • My recent trip with the SNGal to Del Mar
  • The death of James Gandolfini and this rude idiot’s response on my facebook page
  • How this man is getting royally f–ked in the ass by his ex-wife, after probably having that done to him literally in prison
  • Pat Robertson is at it again. Sigh…
  • and more!

Feminism, Rape Jokes and Is Marriage Necessary?

33102863 Feminism, Rape Jokes and Is Marriage Necessary?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • Mel Brooks’s AFI lifetime achievement award
  • How my wedding ring didn’t fit
  • Jane Lynch’s divorce
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger and his “diet”
  • Follow up from last week about political correctness, feminism, and this debate between Jim Norton and Lindy West
  • And more!

Friend Zone Torture, Dating Married Guys and Game of Thrones Romance

30 seconds2 Friend Zone Torture, Dating Married Guys and Game of Thrones Romance

Tonight, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • The various romantic entanglements of “Game of Thrones”
  • A girl who can’t stop dating married guys
  • An update from our friend Godless Smeghead
  • The horrible torture of being in the “friend zone”
  • Star Trek Into Darkness and political correctness
  • and more!

Stale Marriage…Anal?

Anal Sex Stale Marriage...Anal?

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • How a husband should go about asking his wife for a little back-door action
  • An email from a complete douche who probably cheated on his girlfriend
  • My recent trip to the Grand Canyon as well as the new Star Trek film
  • and more!

Nice Guys Finish Last?

nice 20227494896 Nice Guys Finish Last?

Of course not. Of course. I’m confused too. Anyway, tonight, Sue and I tackle:

  • Steve’s article on whether we should hate Walt’s wife (we should not)
  • How I Met Your Mother Finally met the Mother
  • Neely Steinberg’s article about how nice guys finishing last is a crock (nope)
  • An email from a dude who is wondering if he should bang other chicks when he and his girlfriend go abroad
  • and more!

Embarrassing Dating Stories

original Embarrassing Dating Stories

Tonight, Sue and I pontificate about:

  • A misunderstanding on the show’s facebook wall…yeah, that’s what it was, a misunderstanding
  • A discussion of a horrible succubus in divorce court
  • The most embarrassing dating stories of the day
  • Smelly girls who take big dumps
  • and more!