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#393: The Rollercoaster of Life Goes On


ChloeTonight’s a wacky one; be warned, I bounce around tone-wise.

I begin with the sad news that my cat Chloe has cancer, then give further thoughts on Hurricane Harvey, Kevin, and Louis CK. After that, I switch gears and talk about the 70’s baby book , “Where did I come from?” and then attack morons who think they are entitled to getting autographs from underage celebrities.

As my son comes into this world, my cat prepares to go out. Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.

Sex, Violence and Occam’s Razor with Chloe

My cat Chloe returns as we discuss the American hypocrisy with sex and violence, parents not accepting their gay children, and how Occam’s Razor might actually be nonsense.  Enjoy!