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#409: Black Mirror’s, “White Christmas,” and Social Media’s Future Dystopia


We’re back! Tonight, I spend most of the show going through the excellent Black Mirror special, “White Christmas,” and all that it entails, such as:

  • Our terrible collective addiction to social media
  • How jealousy is your gremlin leading you down a terrible path
  • How Artificial intelligence will either help us or hurt us; it’s our choice
  • The main character in the episode, if only wasn’t a sociopath, could have helped people instead of hurting them
  • And so much more.

Thank you for listening. Let’s keep this going!

PS: Here is a very interesting take on the episode:

Anti-Male Nonsense








Tonight, Sue and I go into the above stupid quote. Dear God. My wife even makes an appearance in the end! Enjoy!


Crazy Girl Red Flags…again

Tonight, Sue and I take a few calls and talk about crazy girl red flags, how most movie relationships are completely unrealistic, and how the word, “communication,” as it pertains to relationships needs further definition. Enjoy!

Crazy Chick Stories

Sue joins me once again as we discuss:

  • A dude who knocked up a crackhead
  • Mel Gibson sucks but so does that Gypsy Witch he knocked up
  • Chicks crying after one-night stands
  • How telling a girl that “You’re the one that got away” is retarded
  • Rushing into love is stupid and you have to know someone well to love them
  • And more!

Don’t Marry That HOT Crazy B—H!

Hello! Riding Solo tonight, as I discuss:

  • My thoughts on the Treyvon Martin shooting
  • My takedown of Chris Jones for his retarded article, “Ladies, you’re not as good as you think”
  • My response to an email from an insecure guy who doesn’t like a male friend of his girlfriend
  • An email from a guy who compulsively married a hot crazy woman
  • And more!

Fatal Attractions with Mitch

Last time Mitch and I talked about crazy shit.  This time, oh no…we throw down with women we’ve dated that have scared the living crap out of us.  Some more succubi talk as well…