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Jodi Arias, Gay Guys in the Steam Room, and Rude People


Hot, Sexy, Evil, Crazy

Tonight, Sue and I discuss the following

  • DOMA being shot down, and arguements for, and against
  • Lady Gaga might be hiding something
  • Gay Guys prancing around my gym
  • Debating Pro-Life lunatics on Twitter
  • Rude People sucking the life out of society
  • and more!

We’re on re-runs next week, be back live (sort of) July 22!

Rude People, Bible Thumpers, and Tony Soprano

Tonight, we talk about the following wicked topics:

  • My recent trip with the SNGal to Del Mar
  • The death of James Gandolfini and this rude idiot’s response on my facebook page
  • How this man is getting royally f–ked in the ass by his ex-wife, after probably having that done to him literally in prison
  • Pat Robertson is at it again. Sigh…
  • and more!

Getting Gay with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss

  • What it means to be gay
  • How Jess first knew he liked the penis (jk)
  • Don’t men get along better with men intellectually?
  • Can men and women truly be friends?
  • The retarded Religious Right
  • The nature of violence in humanity
  • And more!

The Friend Zone with Matty Staudt

Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend returns and we continue our talks about:

  • Continued talk about Porn
  • The Friend Zone
  • How Matty once dated a Stripper
  • Persian Chicks, and how they want nothing to do with white boys
  • Civil War Politics
  • What makes a good marriage

Golddiggers with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” returns as we discuss:

  • The difference between a good woman and an actual golddigger
  • Break ups and the “skunk test”
  • No shit-talking your baby daddy/mama
  • Marcus’s harrowing tale of getting run the fuck over by a succubus
  • Maria Shriver and Weiners

Sex, Violence and Occam’s Razor with Chloe

My cat Chloe returns as we discuss the American hypocrisy with sex and violence, parents not accepting their gay children, and how Occam’s Razor might actually be nonsense.  Enjoy!

Compatibility with Dr. Dan

Finally! After far too long, My good friend Dan Vayda joins us all the way from Boston via Skype for our first across the country podcast as we further discuss compatibility and what makes a functional couple tick.

The Party Podcast!

What great fun!  Jordan and Chloe are joined not only by Melissa, but by new friends Tracy and Mitch, and we all mix it up in ways you can never imagine.  We talk about dating in LA, some hijinks, dating older people, and then some.  You’re in for a treat!  Enjoy!


Melissa returns as we being the show talking about the film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” segway into dealbreakers for a bit, and end up “debating” the (not-so) finer points of Astrology.  Buckle up!

The Gays

In this podcast, I offer my unconditional support and love of the gay community, and how us breeders can learn a thing or two from them about love and romance. Got a problem with it? If you’re a fan of mine, you probably don’t :) Also, my gay buddy Evan calls in and gives his two cents.

That being said…enjoy!

And here is the link to the article I spoke of about Miss California.