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#364: Russian Gold Diggers and, “Privilege.”


Good evening, what’s going on? Tonight, I wax my board about

  • Whole30 Fitness update; lost some more weight!
  • There is an actual Russian Golddiggers Academy
  • Two super-embarrassing dating stories from my past (don’t be like old me!)
  • Film reviews of, “Logan,” and, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.”
  • The problem with screaming, “privilege,” at people, as well as the ridiculous backlash of, “Iron Fist,” (which I haven’t seen).
  • And more!


Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about She-Devils, and take a call from “Chris” who is currently in love with one…but not for long!

Ladies…buckle up :)


Welcome back, everyone!  This week, I go into:

  • How utterly ridiculous it is that Kobe and Tiger’s ex’s get all of that money.  Really, honey, can you shoot a 65 on Pebble Beach?
  • Tiger Woods And Kobe Bryant aren’t innocent at all, they ultimately caused this shit
  • My wacky theory as to why Tiger Woods REALLY got his ass kicked by his woman…
  • There are no feminists on the deck of the Titanic
  • Listener emails and advice!
  • And more!