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Don’t Be Friends with your Ex

Tonight, the final one before I go off on my epic final man journey (BACHELOR PARTY) Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • A listener who is still friends with her ex on facebook…and shouldn’t be
  • My recent San Diego and Sin City Trip
  • The idea of delayed adolescence, and why it might not be a bad thing
  • The difference between dating a boy and a man
  • The hook-up culture of college
  • and more!

We’ll be on re-runs next week (duh) so enjoy!

Rude People, Bible Thumpers, and Tony Soprano

Tonight, we talk about the following wicked topics:

  • My recent trip with the SNGal to Del Mar
  • The death of James Gandolfini and this rude idiot’s response on my facebook page
  • How this man is getting royally f–ked in the ass by his ex-wife, after probably having that done to him literally in prison
  • Pat Robertson is at it again. Sigh…
  • and more!

Feminism, Rape Jokes and Is Marriage Necessary?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • Mel Brooks’s AFI lifetime achievement award
  • How my wedding ring didn’t fit
  • Jane Lynch’s divorce
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger and his “diet”
  • Follow up from last week about political correctness, feminism, and this debate between Jim Norton and Lindy West
  • And more!

Embarrassing Dating Stories

Tonight, Sue and I pontificate about:

  • A misunderstanding on the show’s facebook wall…yeah, that’s what it was, a misunderstanding
  • A discussion of a horrible succubus in divorce court
  • The most embarrassing dating stories of the day
  • Smelly girls who take big dumps
  • and more!

You’re Not Curvy…You’re Obese

Tonight, I discuss:

  • Listener emails
  • Update on “David”
  • How Obese Women are not “Curvy”, and this guy’s blog
  • Hot young chicks get everything for free…and that’s just the way of the world

Make Some Money, Don’t Be a Pussy!

Welcome back everyone! In tonight’s show, I wax poetic about:

  • How a guy I know (of) is doing oh so the wrong thing now that his girlfriend has dumped him
  • Email from a chick who walked in on her boyfriend “molesting himself” to porn
  • First date locations in Los Angeles
  • Updates on my writing
  • How I lost 14 pounds in 23 days…seriously (I’ll have a full article up in the next couple of weeks, but for now, you gotta listen in).

Be back live February 9!

Fairy Tales and Samantha Jones with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” and I wrap up our first series of talks and shoot the breeze about:

  • Can People really change?
  • Fairy Tales = Unrealistic expectations
  • How Samantha Jones of “Sex and the City” is not a slut
  • Communication is the only hope to save a broken relationship
  • Men don’t like a chase…but we like a challenge
  • How much the Friend Zone BLOWS

Cheating is for Pussies

Rock and Roll!  In tonight’s show, I discuss the following:

  • Bin Laden – It’s good that he’s dead, and even better that we get to celebrate
  • Why Shania Twain is an idiot for forgiving “Mutt”
  • Relationships are supposed to be about fun, and sometimes we forget that
  • My defense of Todd, the creator of one of my favorite sites, “I don’t like you in that way dot com”.  Check it out here
  • Why all women need to learn to love our gas
  • And MORE!

The SNG on the Stitcher Network!

Rock and Roll!  The SNG, for the first time, is a guest on someone else’s show, “Meet the Talkers” with Matty Staudt, which can be found on the Stitcher network, where we are now syndicated.  Check it out!

Don’t Buy Chicks Drinks!

I am once again joined by Karen (@apizzagirl for you twitter folks) and we discuss

  • Why it’s folly for guys to buy girls drinks at bars (we disagree on this one, obviously)
  • Deal breakers in relationships
  • More Internet Dating woes
  • Karen’s dating dysfunctions
  • Nerd Stuff

Good times!

Speak of the devil, read this article that I wrote on the subject :)

How to Break Up With Someone

There is plenty of stuff out there of how to handle a break-up.  Not a lot of how to do it when you are the one doing the dumping.  Hopefully, you’ll do it with some dignity and class.

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Numbers and Crazy Chicks with JP

JP’s back!  Tonight, we talk about Lady GaGa (again), shrews (once again), crazy chicks (and Jordan’s How I met Your Mother-Inspired Crazy/Good in Bed Scale), as well as how rude it is to ask what someone’s “number” is.  Jordan also explains what a horrible idea it is to date within one’s educational program.  You know who I’m talking about.

Bring on the hate mail!