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Don’t Buy Girls Drinks!

girls night out bar 600 Dont Buy Girls Drinks!

Tonight, Sue and I tackle:

  • An email from a girl who witnessed a “nice guy” buy a bunch of drinks for girls…
  • A look at a “ManBible of Female Truths”
  • What men, and women, really want
  • The retarded left-wing moonbats at Rolling Stone Magazine
  • My thoughts on THAT case…you know…in Florida
  • and more!

Friend Zone Torture, Dating Married Guys and Game of Thrones Romance

30 seconds2 Friend Zone Torture, Dating Married Guys and Game of Thrones Romance

Tonight, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • The various romantic entanglements of “Game of Thrones”
  • A girl who can’t stop dating married guys
  • An update from our friend Godless Smeghead
  • The horrible torture of being in the “friend zone”
  • Star Trek Into Darkness and political correctness
  • and more!

Friend Zone Galore!

26392 Friend Zone Galore!

Welcome to the Future, everybody! 2013! We survived, the Mayans were wrong, and tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • This article, and I how I disagree in principle but agree in certain parts on specifics (hint: Guys, if you constantly find yourself in the ‘friend zone’ you have no game).
  • An email from a girl who I believe has found herself in a twisted friend zone of her own
  • My adventures with the Sensitive Nice Gal looking for a wedding venue
  • And more!


The World’s Unluckiest Bachelor…Uh-huh

470 2519698 The Worlds Unluckiest Bachelor...Uh huh

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The sad yet exhilarating existance of being a sports fan…as well as tips for dating one, and being a sports fan while dating a lady
  • This guy, who really has the wrong idea about how to find true love, and maybe the Matchmaking Scam actually is doing the Lord’s work.
  • This article, to which I reply, “DUH!”
  • And more!

Friend Zone Nonsense, Angry Emails and Astrology is Bulls–t

photo 300x238 Friend Zone Nonsense, Angry Emails and Astrology is Bulls  t

Rockin’ Show tonight with the SNG riding solo. Tonight, I discuss:

  • An Email from a dude who did the right thing when a girl tried to put him in the “friend zone”
  • The little yap dogs that many women carry around, well…
  • Astrology does not make the female gender look good
  • I don’t have to respect the beliefs of people who think the Earth was literally formed in 6 days.
  • An angry email from a girl who took exception to myself and DJRelapse for thinking that this chick is not attractive
  • And more…oh so much more…

Sadistic Women, the Religious Right and Feminists

swerve feminists unite Sadistic Women, the Religious Right and Feminists

Yup, we got a lot on the plate today, including:

  • This lady. Watch it and get angry, guys.
  • The religious right’s completely retarded worldview and how they are against birth control.
  • Yet another talk on feminism, and this guy’s article on the subject
  • And more!

Grand Canyon…and Hate Mail!

P10207501 300x225 Grand Canyon...and Hate Mail!

Welcome back everyone! Tonight, “live” from the Grand Canyon (eh, almost three weeks ago) comes the first half of today’s show. Then, back to the studio for part two as I discuss:

  • The “Rules”…again
  • That idiot redneck moron who shot his daughter’s laptop on Facebook.
  • Valentine’s Day…my thoughts and criticisms of it
  • Diamonds should not be a girl’s best friend
  • A piece of hate mail I got, and how one can draw wisdom from the oddest places in life (douchebags)
  • And more!

Make Some Money, Don’t Be a Pussy!

 Make Some Money, Dont Be a Pussy!

Welcome back everyone! In tonight’s show, I wax poetic about:

  • How a guy I know (of) is doing oh so the wrong thing now that his girlfriend has dumped him
  • Email from a chick who walked in on her boyfriend “molesting himself” to porn
  • First date locations in Los Angeles
  • Updates on my writing
  • How I lost 14 pounds in 23 days…seriously (I’ll have a full article up in the next couple of weeks, but for now, you gotta listen in).

Be back live February 9!

BEST OF: The Friend Zone

7.15.10FriendZoneHT BEST OF: The Friend Zone


We will be back live on Thursday night (new night from now on), but for now, enjoy this oldie-but-goodie!

The Bieber…ain’t so bad

justin%20bieber%20grabbing%20selena%20gomez%20ass The Bieber...aint so bad

Justin Bieber…I’m defending him.  Kinda.  Enjoy!