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Equalism For All


Good evening, what’s going on? tonight, I wax my board about

  • Fitness Update: Time to Pump up the Volume
  • Wisdom from a Retired Navy Seal Operator
  • Film reviews of the Black Mirror Episode, “The Entire History of You,” and, “10 Cloverfield Lane.”
  • A shameful act from my past
  • Thoughts on, “International Women’s Day.”
  • And more!

Don’t Marry That HOT Crazy B—H!

Hello! Riding Solo tonight, as I discuss:

  • My thoughts on the Treyvon Martin shooting
  • My takedown of Chris Jones for his retarded article, “Ladies, you’re not as good as you think”
  • My response to an email from an insecure guy who doesn’t like a male friend of his girlfriend
  • An email from a guy who compulsively married a hot crazy woman
  • And more!

Jealousy Sucks

Rough one today, but we gotta get through.  And yes, we can.  Jealousy is one of the worst human emotions, but it is something that can be overcome, and for good.