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Envy Is the Road to Hell


Good evening, what’s going on? Tonight, I wax my board about

  • Whole30 Fitness update; Final Week!
  • Those who Envy are destined to fail
  • Some thoughts on the hilarious fake craig’s list ad below
  • A dating app based on hate (great idea…yeah.)
  • And more. Enjoy!


The Hunt


Good evening ladies and germs! Tonight, I blow hard about:

  • How hunting for food and hunting for….(fill in blank)…are different
  • Day 2 of my, “Whole30,” experience (it sucks).
  • Disneyland’s new security and why we put up with this
  • For the love of Zalman King Soft-core Porn


“Lock the Door” Tests, Hot Teachers (again) and Toxic People (Again)


People. Listen to me. I’m never wrong.

So, a French Chick “forgot” to use Birth Control…

And now she’s pleading to find the guy with whom she had a one-nighter on vacation. I talk about it. At length. Enjoy!

Are You In Love with a Psychotic Person?

This guy is. And my heart truly goes out to him…but….

Can Women Abuse Men?

Happy Thursday! Tonight, Sue and I shoot the breeze about neglecting your spouse in a relationship, dealing with jealousy, and a woman who thinks that she has been abusing her husband. Enjoy!

Is He Playing Games?

Probably. No matter. Anyway, tonight, during the opening of what will most likely (not) be a great (but rebuilding) season for my beloved Philadelphia Eagles, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • Advice for my lovelorn single friends
  • Normal wedding jitters
  • Crazy Arizona Christians going to England
  • How 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight are just wonderful pieces of literature and great examples for women to follow
  • Whether a guy is playing games with his girl or not
  • And more!

Robin Thicke, Emails, and Romance….?

Tonight, on the eve of my epic journey to San Diego and Las Vegas, Sue and I discuss:

  • My upcoming trip, and the drama that I’m probably going to run into
  • A reading from a blog I “found” on the internet from a guy who works in the William Morris Endeavor mail room
  • Robin Thicke..still on the fence
  • An email from a girl who is considering the “back door”
  • An email from a guy who is dating a girl who told him about another guy she was banging
  • And more!

Sex and Sexuality with Jenna Couture!

Tonight, Sue and I were honored to have the lovely and talented Jenna Couture on the air! Together, we discuss:

  • What “Jenna Time” is all about
  • Why men are so insecure about the size of their penises
  • Sex in long term relationships
  • Why asking for your partner’s “number” is a horrible idea
  • How to properly break up with someone
  • and more!
Do check out Jenna on twitter as well!


Friend Zone Torture, Dating Married Guys and Game of Thrones Romance

Tonight, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • The various romantic entanglements of “Game of Thrones”
  • A girl who can’t stop dating married guys
  • An update from our friend Godless Smeghead
  • The horrible torture of being in the “friend zone”
  • Star Trek Into Darkness and political correctness
  • and more!

Sadistic Women, the Religious Right and Feminists

Yup, we got a lot on the plate today, including:

  • This lady. Watch it and get angry, guys.
  • The religious right’s completely retarded worldview and how they are against birth control.
  • Yet another talk on feminism, and this guy’s article on the subject
  • And more!

You’re Not Curvy…You’re Obese

Tonight, I discuss:

  • Listener emails
  • Update on “David”
  • How Obese Women are not “Curvy”, and this guy’s blog
  • Hot young chicks get everything for free…and that’s just the way of the world

Grand Canyon…and Hate Mail!

Welcome back everyone! Tonight, “live” from the Grand Canyon (eh, almost three weeks ago) comes the first half of today’s show. Then, back to the studio for part two as I discuss:

  • The “Rules”…again
  • That idiot redneck moron who shot his daughter’s laptop on Facebook.
  • Valentine’s Day…my thoughts and criticisms of it
  • Diamonds should not be a girl’s best friend
  • A piece of hate mail I got, and how one can draw wisdom from the oddest places in life (douchebags)
  • And more!

Religion, Romance and Being Single again…

Welcome back to the Sensitive Nice Guy Show, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  Tonight, riding solo, I discuss:

  • Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.  SAY WHAT?
  • This “Occupy Wall Street” thing is Bullshit
  • How the Arab Spring is going to have some unintended consequences
  • How inter-religious marriage is difficult to pull off
  • The proper way to deal with being single after a long-term relationship ends (RELAX, I’m not single at all, but some friends of mine just became so)
  • And more!

Fairy Tales and Samantha Jones with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” and I wrap up our first series of talks and shoot the breeze about:

  • Can People really change?
  • Fairy Tales = Unrealistic expectations
  • How Samantha Jones of “Sex and the City” is not a slut
  • Communication is the only hope to save a broken relationship
  • Men don’t like a chase…but we like a challenge
  • How much the Friend Zone BLOWS

Golddiggers with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” returns as we discuss:

  • The difference between a good woman and an actual golddigger
  • Break ups and the “skunk test”
  • No shit-talking your baby daddy/mama
  • Marcus’s harrowing tale of getting run the fuck over by a succubus
  • Maria Shriver and Weiners

Romance talk with Marcus Osborne!

Good times!  Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” joins me as we discuss the following:

  • His awesome show, “Your Straight Male Friend”
  • One night stand etiquette
  • When do you bang?
  • How dumb the “rules” are
  • How retarded Romantic Comedies are (Julia Roberts can kiss our asses)


The Girlfriend Show!

Neither one of us are pigs nor frogs, but...love me some muppets

Live from the fantastic Casa Fuente Cigar Bar in Beautiful Las Vegas, my lovely girlfriend Julie joins me for the first time EVER as we have a few drinks, a stogie and discuss:

  • Sin City
  • How We Met
  • Our first date
  • Douchebags in LA
  • How I almost blew it with her