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#414: Normal Does Not Equal Right


Here is a picture of a California sunset for no reason.







Tonight, I shoot the breeze about:

  • Just because something is normal, that doesn’t mean it’s right. This one really grinds my gears
  • My terror of the fallout of the social media generation and the narcissism that social media enables
  • Thoughts on Monterey Bay and the beauty of the, “laid-back,” personality.
  • How taking a leap is good for the soul
  • And more!

Thanks for listening.


#404: Meditation isn’t just for Hippies


Good evening! Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • The joys of meditation and calming the heck down
  • Why struggle and setting goals is great for relationships and career as long as you detach from the outcome
  • Why finding someone to root for who is more successful than you is important
  • Don’t send dick picks, guys. Just don’t. Do that, you’re a loser.
  • Seriously. Don’t.


#395: Gratitude


Hello! Thanksgiving is upon upon us and so is the birth of my son (13 days and counting). Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • How to handle the dysfunctional moon bat in your Thanksgiving family dinner (if you can’t spot it, it’s you)
  • Tips for Dads from the excellent, “Dudes to Dads,” podcast
  • Update on Chloe and her fight against cancer
  • What to do if you realize that you are a rebound for someone
  • Advice on using active gratitude to better you life


#394: When Should I Not Apologize?


Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • Chloe’s current status in her fight against cancer
  • Why Social Media sucking out our life force is a major theme in my upcoming book’s sequel
  • Why judging all members of a race/gender/??? is counterproductive and stupid
  • How the, “Friend Zone,” can be anti-woman, but not always
  • Why I regret much but might not apologize depending on the situation
  • And more!

How I Got Engaged

LIVE from the Hotel George V in Paris France just hours after I proposed, and once again in studio here in Los Angeles, the Sensitive Nice Gal joins me to discuss how we decided to take the leap!

Note: Originally aired 12/3/12. 

BEST OF: The Sensitive Nice Guy is Getting Married!

What better “Best of” than the one from Paris!

But enough of that, tonight, first LIVE from the Hotel George V in Paris France just hours after I proposed, and once again in studio here in Los Angeles, the Sensitive Nice Gal joins me and we discuss:

  • How we met
  • How we became exclusive
  • The L Word (love, not lesbian)
  • When the marriage talk first surfaced
  • How I proposed
  • Ring shopping
  • And more!

Banging the French Nanny, Dating a Racist Black Girl, and…Wow

It’s shows like tonight that make Sue and I love our job here! Tonight, Sue and I handle emails about:

  • A married man having an affair with his Frog…I mean French Nanny
  • A girl with an independent streak who can’t get a boyfriend
  • A man dating a black woman who hates white people (but the sex is good, surprise, surprise)
  • And a lot more!

Don’t Marry That HOT Crazy B—H!

Hello! Riding Solo tonight, as I discuss:

  • My thoughts on the Treyvon Martin shooting
  • My takedown of Chris Jones for his retarded article, “Ladies, you’re not as good as you think”
  • My response to an email from an insecure guy who doesn’t like a male friend of his girlfriend
  • An email from a guy who compulsively married a hot crazy woman
  • And more!

Relationship Advice with Matty Staudt

Rock and Roll!!!  Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend joins me at the Arclight Cafe in Hollywood as we discuss:

  • Matty’s great show with Marcus Osborne (link above)
  • Marriage talk
  • Dating while doing a dating show (we can both relate!)
  • The 12-year old spirit within all men
  • Being friends with your ex
  • and MORE!

Love & Marriage with Scott Ganz

Scott Ganz returns to the podcast as he gives us some insights about what makes a proper marriage work. He happens to be in one, so I figured he’d be a good source :) Enjoy!