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#394: When Should I Not Apologize?


Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • Chloe’s current status in her fight against cancer
  • Why Social Media sucking out our life force is a major theme in my upcoming book’s sequel
  • Why judging all members of a race/gender/??? is counterproductive and stupid
  • How the, “Friend Zone,” can be anti-woman, but not always
  • Why I regret much but might not apologize depending on the situation
  • And more!

#367: New Political Podcast with my friend Alex

As with the other one I’m doing on nerd stuff, once a month, my friend Alex and I will blow hard, this time about politics, mainly about how we are a bunch of sane centrists trying to clam everyone down. Enjoy!

NOTE: Recorded live at Almaza, hence the background noise.

Buy Someone A Drink


Evening, folks! Tonight, I blow hard about why I think Il Duce 2.0 won the election, how regretful (but not necessarily sorry) I am for some ways I behaved in the past, and how the muse gave me a great idea that I think we all should do at least once a week. Enjoy!

He Won’t Commit! And Other Nonsense…

Big show tonight! Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The Daniel Tosh Rape joke situation and the completely overblown reaction
  • This story in Pennsylvania that just pissed me off
  • How this site still is censoring my comments, and why I won’t be writing for them until they knock it off
  • Emails from girls dating guys who can’t commit
  • The Sensitive Nice Gal calls in for a moment!
  • And more!

It’s Not Correct to be Politically Correct

Happy End of April!  In tonight’s episode, I discuss the following:

  • How much I hate politically correctness
  • It’s okay to have humor with domestic abuse, as long as you attack the abuser, not the abused
  • Ladies, if he hasn’t kissed you, he’s not a man, and thus not the man for you
  • A Rant against the airlines, but praise for Virgin America.