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#367: New Political Podcast with my friend Alex

As with the other one I’m doing on nerd stuff, once a month, my friend Alex and I will blow hard, this time about politics, mainly about how we are a bunch of sane centrists trying to clam everyone down. Enjoy!

NOTE: Recorded live at Almaza, hence the background noise.

An Ex-Pat Speaks with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss:

  • Why he left the US and moved abroad
  • The erosion of our civil liberties after 9/11
  • Why it’s so awesome to live in Brazil…well not that awesome, but it works for Jess!
  • Middle-East politics and our opposing views, in that Jess thinks that Sharia law invading the west isn’t a worry, and I simply don’t agree
  • We do agree, however, that theocratic principles are incompatible with democratic ones
  • And more!

It’s very interesting to get other points of view on my show, and I thought having an American ex-pat who lives abroad would be a good example. Whether you agree with either of us or not, it’s pretty interesting stuff!


Don’t Marry That HOT Crazy B—H!

Hello! Riding Solo tonight, as I discuss:

  • My thoughts on the Treyvon Martin shooting
  • My takedown of Chris Jones for his retarded article, “Ladies, you’re not as good as you think”
  • My response to an email from an insecure guy who doesn’t like a male friend of his girlfriend
  • An email from a guy who compulsively married a hot crazy woman
  • And more!