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So, a French Chick “forgot” to use Birth Control…

And now she’s pleading to find the guy with whom she had a one-nighter on vacation. I talk about it. At length. Enjoy!

Season 2 Premiere: Weddings in St. Maarten!

Season 2 begins!!!  Therapist Dan joins me as we discuss wedding hijinks, and then his lovely wife Dan joins us for a MAJOR announcement!  We also discuss:

  • Morons who try to draw attention from the bride and groom at weddings
  • Passive-Aggressive idiots on Facebook
  • How John and Lex (the bride and groom in question) rock!
  • How it is masochistic to keep people in your life who annoy you
  • Annoying French Chicks with boundary issues
  • and MUCH MORE!

LIVE from St. Maarten…and a little bit of Porn talk from Vegas :)