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SCi-Fi Nerd Alert Show!

Hey y’all! I (Jordan) just became a Dad (my wife is the QUEEN!) and I’m almost done dealing with the engineering stuff (long story, too boring) so I’m going to host the Nerd show here until I get things resolved. Until then, Alex and I crack wise about Star Wars games, VR and the like!

Note: taped before my wife and I became parents. Enjoy!!!

What Do MEN Want?


Welcome to October! Halloween! Okay we get the whole month. Besides dressing up like Princess Leia once a year, what do men want? We discuss, and you listen. Enjoy!

Disneyland with the Sensitive Nice Gal!

Happy B-day to the SNG!  What a great day as my lovely lady and I wait in line for the new Star Wars ride and discuss the following:

  • A-hole cab drivers in Vegas
  • Clubbing in Sin City
  • Rich People and how they are actually good with their money
  • Awkward dating behavior
  • And more!