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#409: Black Mirror’s, “White Christmas,” and Social Media’s Future Dystopia


We’re back! Tonight, I spend most of the show going through the excellent Black Mirror special, “White Christmas,” and all that it entails, such as:

  • Our terrible collective addiction to social media
  • How jealousy is your gremlin leading you down a terrible path
  • How Artificial intelligence will either help us or hurt us; it’s our choice
  • The main character in the episode, if only wasn’t a sociopath, could have helped people instead of hurting them
  • And so much more.

Thank you for listening. Let’s keep this going!

PS: Here is a very interesting take on the episode:

#391: How to Avoid Annoying People at Bars

http://www.dcclubbing.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/pickup.jpgTonight, I spend the first 15 minutes explaining how to get rid of annoying people who mistake your polite smile for life-long friendship. Then, I ramble a bit about the end of an era. After that, I answer some wacky Quora questions. I also have some fun with people who look like the tattoo monster puked all over them. Enjoy!

#384: Virtual Reality Dating, People Banging in Public, and F is For Family Table Read


I’m back! Tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • The table read I attended for, “F is For Family.” Many thanks for Michael Price for the invite on Twitter!
  • Why people have sex in public
  • Virtual Reality Dating
  • Reviews of Jessica Jones and Game of Thrones
  • This article and why you shouldn’t do nice things for people who don’t know you are alive.
  • This bizarre IKEA ad
  • And more!

Rants on the World Cup and Naked Guys in the Gym

….and jealous guys, and people who text during movies, and Orange is the New Black, and….on and on.

Crazy Girl Red Flags…again

Tonight, Sue and I take a few calls and talk about crazy girl red flags, how most movie relationships are completely unrealistic, and how the word, “communication,” as it pertains to relationships needs further definition. Enjoy!

How to Be Successful, Gratitude, and Huge Boobs at Disneyland

Last live one with Sue until June, tonight, we talk about what it takes to be successful, a chick who was told to cover up her huge rack at Disneyland, how important it is to be grateful, and Brian Perry calls in with some words of wisdom. I also explain how the movie, “Say Anything,” temporarily ruined my life. Enjoy! Email sensitiveniceguy@gmail.com

BEST OF: Sex and Sexuality with Jenna Couture!

It’s time for another best-of! We’ll be back live next week, but for now, enjoy our interview with the lovely and talented Jenna Couture on the air! We discuss:

  • What “Jenna Time” is all about
  • Why men are so insecure about the size of their penises
  • Sex in long term relationships
  • Why asking for your partner’s “number” is a horrible idea
  • How to properly break up with someone
  • and more!
Do check out Jenna on twitter as well!

Don’t Be Friends with your Ex

Tonight, the final one before I go off on my epic final man journey (BACHELOR PARTY) Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • A listener who is still friends with her ex on facebook…and shouldn’t be
  • My recent San Diego and Sin City Trip
  • The idea of delayed adolescence, and why it might not be a bad thing
  • The difference between dating a boy and a man
  • The hook-up culture of college
  • and more!

We’ll be on re-runs next week (duh) so enjoy!

Jodi Arias, Gay Guys in the Steam Room, and Rude People


Hot, Sexy, Evil, Crazy

Tonight, Sue and I discuss the following

  • DOMA being shot down, and arguements for, and against
  • Lady Gaga might be hiding something
  • Gay Guys prancing around my gym
  • Debating Pro-Life lunatics on Twitter
  • Rude People sucking the life out of society
  • and more!

We’re on re-runs next week, be back live (sort of) July 22!

Feminism, Rape Jokes and Is Marriage Necessary?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • Mel Brooks’s AFI lifetime achievement award
  • How my wedding ring didn’t fit
  • Jane Lynch’s divorce
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger and his “diet”
  • Follow up from last week about political correctness, feminism, and this debate between Jim Norton and Lindy West
  • And more!

He-Devil Confessions

Tonight, it’s time for me to confess my sins:

  • After all the time spent talking about she-devils, I talk about the times I was a he-devil, including a few flim-flams I pulled as a single young buck
  • We get a call from a rock star who banged a chick…and her Mom (guess what, Mom ain’t that much older than the daughter)
  • And more!

We decided to go on the air tonight in spite of the horrible attack today in Boston. Hope that’s okay.

She Devils, Sex, and Margaret Thatcher

Though not in that order! Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • Further discussion of “She-Devils”, and my confession that not only have I been a, “He-Devil”, I will discuss next week in detail!
  • The Death of the Iron Lady
  • What to do if your friend is in a bad relationship and won’t get out of it
  • The relation between sex and emotion
  • And more!


Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about She-Devils, and take a call from “Chris” who is currently in love with one…but not for long!

Ladies…buckle up 🙂

Crazy Girls and Bible…folks

Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • My experience with a crazy chick
  • Stacy’s experience with an ex of her ex…you need to hear this to believe it
  • Adam Baldwin, and my twitter fight with him (I’m a fan, I swear!)
  • And more!

Did She Get Knocked Up…on Purpose???

Riding Solo tonight, I answer several emails and give my thoughts on the election, and how the religious right got their asses kicked. Glorious times indeed.

Dating Advice and “Her Dad is a Psycho!”

In tonight’s show, Sue and I go into the following:

  • The Chick-Fil-A situation, and how although Dan Cathy is a moron, he has a right to be and the feds have no right to get in his way
  • Advice to girls how to keep a man happy through a loving tribute to the Sensitive Nice Gal
  • Email from a dude banging a chick in Vegas with some serious issues
  • Emails from girls with loser guys in the dating pool
  • And more!

WHAT does he MEAN????

Who cares, Ladies? Because if you have to ask…you have the wrong guy.

Tonight’s show topics include:

  • D–kheads Who Hit on Chicks with Boyfriends
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Girls Getting Mixed Signals From Guys
  • THIS silly article from Queen Oprah
  • Is Porn Addictive?

And a WHOLE lot more!

We tape LIVE every night at 7pm PST! email sensitiveniceguy@gmail.com all your dating and relationship questions, and skype: sensitiveniceguy or CALL US: 424-248-5011.

Jealousy Sucks

Tonight, Sue and I discuss (during an aborted attempt to stream live on Ustream, which we will do next week):

  • How we might possibly join the RadioSlot Family
  • Listener emails (two of ’em are from chicks banging the wrong dudes)
  • Johnny Depp’s Breakup with some French chick (and baby Mama)
  • 10 Ways to Beat Back Jealousy
  • How men just do not have the tools to turn down hot chicks
  • My run-in with a crazy drunk skank (told this one before, love it)
  • And more!

Getting Gay with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss

  • What it means to be gay
  • How Jess first knew he liked the penis (jk)
  • Don’t men get along better with men intellectually?
  • Can men and women truly be friends?
  • The retarded Religious Right
  • The nature of violence in humanity
  • And more!