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What Good Would It Do?


Happy New Year! 2016 behind us, 2017 on the way, I dive head first into the shallow end of the pointlessness of anxiety, the joys of VR, my goals for this year, and more! Enjoy, and welcome back!

Snape the “Nice Guy,” and Burying the Crazy Ex


Greetings! Tonight, I throw the ball of yarn around yapping my gums about whether or not Snape is a, “Nice Guy Jerk,” from Harry Potter, a review of the film, “Burying the Ex,” plus a whole bunch of other stuff you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

Christopher Lee, Real Life Bad ass

Happy Friday! Tonight, Sue and I shoot the breeze about the passing of Christopher Lee, an Australian couple who is divorcing to protest gay marriage, a very special (furry, not human) announcement of ours, and much more! Enjoy!

Is all fair in love and war?








Tonight, Sue and I shoot the breeze about Joan Rivers, a guy screwing around with a married woman, a friday night girl who wants to be a guy’s every night girl, and a wacka-doo on Tinder who used a picture of yours truly as her profile pic. Enjoy!

Ladies, If Our Answer Scare you, Stop Asking Scary Questions

Tonight, Sue and I tackle a bunch of stuff, including how women never seem to want honest answers to their difficult questions, how internet dating really is no different from “real life ” dating, and how you can’t make someone like you who never will. I also put the final nail in the coffin on the ALS bucket-challenge haters. Enjoy!

How to Be Successful, Gratitude, and Huge Boobs at Disneyland

Last live one with Sue until June, tonight, we talk about what it takes to be successful, a chick who was told to cover up her huge rack at Disneyland, how important it is to be grateful, and Brian Perry calls in with some words of wisdom. I also explain how the movie, “Say Anything,” temporarily ruined my life. Enjoy! Email sensitiveniceguy@gmail.com

Female Logic, Feminist Hypocrisy and Gym Advice

Tonight, Sue and I talk about the following:

  • Thanksgiving, and how you don’t have to eat yourself to death
  • Why women never want us to listen to their problems
  • The hypocrisy of feminists over hating us complaining about the “friend zone”
  • A newly-divorced male calls in to talk about, well, divorce
  • How Hollywood is officially remaking, “RoadHouse”
  • And more!

Alec Baldwin, Courtney Stodden and crazy girls..yet again

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • A feminist friend of mine agrees with me about pussy guys!
  • A nude woman on a subway….grrrr
  • Alec Baldwin and a psycho stalker
  • Courtney Stodden (sorry)
  • An email from a guy whose girlfriend won’t stop a douchey male friend of hers from flirting with her
  • and more!

Break Up Advice..like a BOSS!

Tonight, Sue and I dive head-first into:

  • How to deal with a break up
  • How confidence is everything when hitting on chicks
  • Red Flags to look for
  • My Upcoming Trip to the Bay Area
  • And more!

He’s Not Over his Ex(s)

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following like a pack of wild hyenas…

  • Can you meet the right person online? (YES)
  • How loving someone gives them the power to crush you (UH-HUH)
  • A call from a fella not quite over his ex(‘s)
  • The cougar director of “50 Shades of Grey” and her kitten husband and possible leading man (YUCK)
  • Breasts (my favorite topic of all time
  • The use of the word, “Chicks”
  • and more!

The Last One…

…before I get married.

That’s right. The final One. We will be back in Mid-October, and the show will evolve…oh just kidding. It’ll be just the same, and Sue will be back. Tonight, just me, though, saying goodbye to my bachelorhood…forever!

Feminism, Rape Jokes and Is Marriage Necessary?

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • Mel Brooks’s AFI lifetime achievement award
  • How my wedding ring didn’t fit
  • Jane Lynch’s divorce
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger and his “diet”
  • Follow up from last week about political correctness, feminism, and this debate between Jim Norton and Lindy West
  • And more!

Embarrassing Dating Stories

Tonight, Sue and I pontificate about:

  • A misunderstanding on the show’s facebook wall…yeah, that’s what it was, a misunderstanding
  • A discussion of a horrible succubus in divorce court
  • The most embarrassing dating stories of the day
  • Smelly girls who take big dumps
  • and more!


Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about She-Devils, and take a call from “Chris” who is currently in love with one…but not for long!

Ladies…buckle up 🙂

Friend Zone Galore!

Welcome to the Future, everybody! 2013! We survived, the Mayans were wrong, and tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • This article, and I how I disagree in principle but agree in certain parts on specifics (hint: Guys, if you constantly find yourself in the ‘friend zone’ you have no game).
  • An email from a girl who I believe has found herself in a twisted friend zone of her own
  • My adventures with the Sensitive Nice Gal looking for a wedding venue
  • And more!


Prelude to an INTERVENTION!!!

That’s right…it just might go down! Sue and I discuss:

  • How a listener has finally decided to confront his buddy who is dating a complete lunatic
  • Hollywood’s selective rage with certain individuals
  • A discussion of love vs infatuation
  • and more!

Kristen Stewart is NOT a Whore

Tonight, we wax poetic about:

  • Kristen Stewart; she’s young, she is going to make mistakes, and the real bad guy is the married dipshit who seduced her
  • This fella getting his Star on the Walk of Fame!
  • An unfortunate update about a listener’s dating woes
  • Further thoughts from our female soldier in the Middle East as to why guys keep dating shrews
  • An Email from a guy tempted to bang a married chick he used to date
  • And more!

Should Tell my Buddy He’s Dating a Shrew?

Yes. Yes you should. In addition to that, Sue and I talk about:

  • A shout out from a fan fighting for our country in Afghanistan!
  • An update from this chick..surprising left turn on that one
  • Why our fan Alex keeps attracting weirdos (nightclubs, much?)
  • And more!

Hall Pass and Monogamy?

Tonight, Sue and tackle the following:

  • a phone call from Shawn, who tells us of his up-coming divorce and why his marriage didn’t work out
  • Some quick thoughts on the Colorado Massacre, and why I’m trying my darnest to move away from topics that aren’t related to Dating and Relationships
  • A final (?) update on that Bad Date Great Story Censorship situation
  • The slightly absurd idea of a, “Hall Pass”
  • A listener of ours gives a great counter-point to short guys who claim they can’t get girls
  • And MORE!

Grand Canyon…and Hate Mail!

Welcome back everyone! Tonight, “live” from the Grand Canyon (eh, almost three weeks ago) comes the first half of today’s show. Then, back to the studio for part two as I discuss:

  • The “Rules”…again
  • That idiot redneck moron who shot his daughter’s laptop on Facebook.
  • Valentine’s Day…my thoughts and criticisms of it
  • Diamonds should not be a girl’s best friend
  • A piece of hate mail I got, and how one can draw wisdom from the oddest places in life (douchebags)
  • And more!