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Checking Out Girls…In Front of Her

Tonight, Sue and I take an email from a nice young lady whose boyfriend checks out other girls in front of her, discuss the World Cup and what it means to finish second, and why Dennis Prager is absolutely right when he says that you have a moral obligation to be happy. Enjoy!

Marriage, Polyamory, and Dating someone twice (or half) your age

Evening everyone! Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • How this is the last week of my official bachelorhood (moving in with the to-be-Mrs next week!)
  • A three-way marriage in England
  • Further discussion of dating someone WAY outside your age range
  • Dating Long Distance
  • and more!

Leave Taylor Swift Alone

Tonight, Sue and I dive into:

  • The Golden Globes farce, and how you are SUPPOSED to be pissed when you don’t win an award
  • Yet another experience of mine with an obnoxious movie goer hell-bent on texting during the movie, “Lincoln.”
  • An email from a guy pissed that his ex-girlfriend got engaged
  • Calls from some of you
  • And more!